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Wreck it Ralph: Ask The Turbo Time Trio
The name's Turbo, from the game Turbo Time. Litwak's Number One racer, I'm ready to answer all of your questions! I guess you can also talk to Geer and Gage, but who wants to, when I'm around?

((If I don't answer and I'm not offline or have post-limit, Tumblr probably ate it. Please feel free to resend anything I haven't answered!
Plot-lines generally occur simultaneously.
Generally SFW, but any NSFW will be under the cut.

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My Steam Account is #NotAMoron- feel free to friend/talk/trade with me over there!

Other: Own a Bronzor (Slate) and an Eelektric (Jolt), Have a baby cybrid.
M!A: None

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Can we just talk about how ugly the twins are in the storybook compared to the actual movie?

Not to mention the fact that it made them have square helmets for the rest of eternity.