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Wreck it Ralph: Ask The Turbo Time Trio
The name's Turbo, from the game Turbo Time. Litwak's Number One racer, I'm ready to answer all of your questions! I guess you can also talk to Geer and Gage, but who wants to, when I'm around?

((If I don't answer and I'm not offline or have post-limit, Tumblr probably ate it. Please feel free to resend anything I haven't answered!
Plot-lines generally occur simultaneously.
Generally SFW, but any NSFW will be under the cut.

I track askturboandthetwins
My Steam Account is #NotAMoron- feel free to friend/talk/trade with me over there!

Other: Own a Bronzor (Slate) and an Eelektric (Jolt), Have a baby cybrid.
M!A: None

My other blogs are and

Thank you Roadblasted on Dreamwidth and Blastedroads for images))